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football team.

How proud are we, that we sponsor these boys at Netherfield Primary School thank you for your kind words and congratulations on WINNING your league!!! @ Netherfield primary school

Dear Lesley Greaves,
We are writing to thank you for all the things you have done for the Netherfield football team. The whole team loved the kit because it was our lucky kit. When we played a match, everyone had their own number and because of that, we never got confused when we saw the numbers.
As we are writing this, we are year sixes and when we go to secondary school (or even college) we will always remember your kit and how it took us to the semi-finals. That kit has always been my favourite and will always be. We are so lucky to have you for our kit sponsor and we hope to see you in the future (and to sponsor our kit again)
From Jaydn Marshall and Stanley Aldridge
(The year six team)